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twin creates a digital twin. This allows you to test the controls of your system before the machine is set up. And when your machine is up and running, the twin lives on as a 3D user interface.

  • Feasibility studies before starting automation projects
  • Virtual commissioning in 3D on the digital twin
  • Intuitive 3D HMI for machines in operation
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// The Digital Twin

Virtual Commissioning on a Digital Twin With the Simulation Software twin

Development and testing of control software on a digital twin

With the simulation software twin test all components of your control systems without needing the real machine Mechanical components, actuators and sensors – all digital and in 3D. And the best part? Your control system, no matter if PLC, robot control or guidance system, does not even notice the difference!

Optimize processes and minimize risk thanks to realistic physics simulation

Tired of lengthy cycle time optimizations on site? Or of mechanical damage due to a small error in the control software? With twin You can simulate the characteristics of machines and plants in 3D thanks to the latest physics simulation. Material flow, cycle times and collisions – all included.

From the initial idea to virtual commissioning and beyond

With the simulation software twin You can conduct feasibility studies of machines in the early stages of your automation project. The simulated machine grows with the project until you virtually commission your controller on it. And then the virtual machine lives on as anintelligent 3D HMI on the real machine.

// Functions

Overview of the Available Features

Clear and Intuitive Operation

We know that you do not have the time for exhaustive training measures. This is why, when developing twin, we paid particular attention to modern, intuitive and user-friendly handling.

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  • We have paid special attention to how twin is operated. The modern, intuitive and clear user interface makes working with the virtual machine simply fun!
  • Add actuators, sensors, mathematical blocks, etc. from an extensive library of your digital machine and link them in a comprehensive graphical representation.
  • Recreate the complex characteristics of your machine by connecting simple basic elements. Whether it is the movement of an axis or the communication protocol of an actuator.
  • You can also make changes to the configuration while the simulation is running.
  • Extend the library with your own components using an API.
  • Select the optimum from several integrated solid state simulations, depending on your requirements.
  • Solid state simulation can be activated for any 3D object. twin then takes care of the processing to guarantee a high-performance simulation.
  • Work on the same project with multiple people. Multi-user capability is firmly integrated in twin.

Import and display of CAD data

You do not need a CAD program to work with twin. Simply import the most common CAD formats and adapt the representation of the model to your needs.

Import – twin Funktionen
  • You do not need a CAD program to work with twin. Simply import the most common CAD formats, such as *.step files.
  • Import several assembly groups or models and combine them into one machine.
  • Changes in the geometries can be easily adopted without having to redo the physical configuration.
  • The 3D representation of the model, such as the color or visibility of individual components, can be easily changed after import.

Connection of Control Systems

You can easily connect controllers from any manufacturer to twin without having to make adjustments to the control program.

twin in Anwendung
  • Connect twin with controllers from a wide range of manufacturers, be it PLC, virtual PLC, robot controller, Arduino or Raspberry PI. This is Hardware, or rather Software in the Loop!
  • You do not need to make any adjustments to your control program to test the behavior of the machine with twin. Errors can only be minimized if you use the same control software in the simulation and in real operation.
  • With the help of the integrated diagnostic tools, such as variable tables, you always have an overview of the status of your controller and the virtual machine.
  • Use the digital machine later as an intelligent HMI on the real machine and create a whole new operator experience.

Multiphysics Simulation in Real Time

Simulate the characteristics of your machine more accurately than ever before. For the first time ever, twin gives you the opportunity to simulate multiphysical processes in 3D and in real time.

Physic-Simulation – twin Funktionen
  • With twin you can simulate the behavior of your machine including material flow before it is built.
  • Reality is subject to physics, the simulation has to be too. Therefore the simulation in twin is based on physical effects.
  • Combine physical effects and get a more realistic simulation than ever before
  • With twin you can combine solid state physics with electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other mathematical modelling method.
  • twin’s open architecture allows you to select the ideal one from several state of the art solid state simulations.

Data Export and Evaluations

The simulation allows deeper insights into the behavior of a machine. Export the simulation data in common formats and gain new insights and optimization potentials.

twin Funktionen
  • Determine cycle times and find bottlenecks and optimization potentials even before the machine is built.
  • Export interesting simulation data to common formats, such as csv, and then use your favorite program, such as Microsoft Excel or MATLAB, to evaluate and analyze the data.
  • Use the integrated variable tables and keep interesting values in sight.

Extendable Through an API

Extend twin with your own requirements.

API - twin Funktionen
  • Extend twin with your own requirements.
  • Programming in Microsoft .Net
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community is enough
  • Fully debugging capable

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