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Who Is digifai?

At digifai, we develop software and solutions for digitization in industry. Our solutions have numerous practical applications and are well proven in all industries. Find out about the history of digifai here.

So What’s Behind Digifai?

digifai is a spin off. The company in the background is a specialist in automation technology and has developed not only machines and systems but also software to simulate them, evaluate data and reduce commissioning time.

Over the years, the company has put a lot of development and research work into its own systems. The solutions had to withstand the demands of the company’s own experts and were only used once all requirements had been met. That is why our systems are technically mature – they are the result of practical experience. No MVPs, no beta versions.

Finally, the software was so functional that the calls became more vocal to make these systems accessible to a wider audience. We are now answering these calls.

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What Characterizes digifai?

Since we not only develop our products and solutions, but also use them ourselves, we know the special requirements that are placed on them. In addition to the technology, we put a strong focus on user-friendliness. We would be happy to show you what this means in one of our webinars.

We are 45 experts who work in an interdisciplinary way. We have been established in the industry for several decades. Of course we do not know all of the special cases, but we know how to handle special cases – that’s what our software is designed for.

// Meaning

What Does digifai Mean?

The name says it all for digifai. We always find a solution to bring together all our requirements. And if the way to get there does not yet exist, we invent it.

We wanted a self-explanatory name for the software family that describes the result, the process and also the means to get there. Too many demands on the existing vocabulary. So we expanded it.

And now we are digifai. Seven letters that define us and to which we commit ourselves. We digify systems.

The Goal: digi-:

Digitalize. We support the metamorphosis so that systems can evolve from automation to digitalization.

The Way: -fai

-fy. Make. Hands on. Practical solutions that deliver tangible added value.

The means: -ai

As in Artificial Intelligence. AI is the key to taking automated systems to the next level. Pattern analysis, pattern recognition, pattern prediction and robotics. All that is needed is the data you already have.

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